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6 MORE of the Best Travel-Themed Tattoos

If you’re like most first-time visitors to this blog, you stumbled onto it by google-searching one of the following search terms: 3.  “Western women are spoiled” 2.  “Virgin-Atlantic Uniform” Or 1.  “Travel Tattoos” Yep, those are my blog’s three most popular search terms (Pretty eclectic readership I’ve got going, huh?) Well, dear readers, I figured it was… Read More 6 MORE of the Best Travel-Themed Tattoos


The Patriotic Tattoo

This past 4th of July  I met a man who’d had his telephone area code tattooed to his shoulder. I was dumbfounded when he told me this. We were sitting around a bonfire in Santa Cruz, California when the topic of tattoos came up. “But…Why?!” was all I could think of to say in response.… Read More The Patriotic Tattoo