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Travelogged: This Week’s Top Picks and Posts for Travel Addicts

 Happy Monday everybody! Here’s your weekly round-up of some of my favorite photos and travel-related goodies. For more funny photos, check out the Taken by the Wind Facebook page. Muchas gracias!

“In a Jam” by JD Hancock

miniature toy figurine climbing a jam jar

“In a Jam” by JD Hancock

Seriously Slow: 6 Travelers Who Walked Around the World – from Matador. Apparently it takes four years to walk around the world and 14,450 miles. Crazy!

Here’s a great NPR piece on the new generation’s focus on collecting experiences & not possessions. We’ve been nicknamed “first globals”.

16 Fortresses for Staving Off the Zombie Apocalypse. What a clever way to try to sell some real estate.

This town has no roads. Don’t think I’d ever live here, but I definitely wanna visit.

“Through the Brush” by JD Hancock

small indiana jones toy figurine attacking a hairbrush

“Through the Brush”

indiana jones toy with toy whip

Indiana Jones by JD Hancock

  “Vacationing on a Dime” by JD Hancock

toy indian figurine floating on a dime in a pool of water

Vacationing on a Dime by JD Hancock

dog and man playing poker funny photo

Poker Face!

Photo by Lawrence.

painted unicycle lane

Unicycle Lane

Photo by Shannon Henry.

 Got any travel-related posts to add?  Post them below!

Travelogged: This Week’s Top Pics and Posts for Travel Addicts

travel tattoo

This tattoo says “Freedom” in German

Photo by Laura Leh

Happy early 4th of July everybody! Any of you Americans have anything fun planned for the holiday? If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan of the holiday.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but it’ll likely involve a cold drink, a pool and some reggae (if I’m lucky).

travel photos

Photo by Uwe Mayer

Photo by Uwe Mayer.

25 Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped - Bunnies the size of ponys? Sea monsters?  Awesome!

I’m adding this to my bucket list! The title says it all…Is this the world’s weirdest beach? Crystal-clear saltwater, golden sand and even waves… yet it’s in the middle of a meadow. From The Daily Mail.

23 Super Creative Repurposed Items from Matador. I love the piano water fountain.

Luke Skywalker’s Home, Fans Do Fix from NPR. Apparently much of Star Wars was filmed in Tunisia, where parts of the film’s sets still stand, including Luke Skywalker’s home.

Don’t listen to this podcast if you’re afraid to fly…Why Flying is No Fun (and may be more dangerous) from NPR.

As some of you know, two months ago I landed a full-time blogging job at a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet marketing company. Though I won’t post everything I write, (because I’m sure most of you have little interest in say, dental hygiene or LED lights), I’ll occasionally post some of the more interesting, travel-themed content.  Here are a few of them:

Though I liked Matt’s first dancing travel video best,  I think most people will be hard-pressed not to go “Awww” as they watch this. It carries the message that we humans are basically all the same and what’s not to love about that?

Okay, enough from me. Read (or write) anything interesting this week?

Travelogged:This Week’s Top Pics and Posts for Travel Addicts

Photo of Hawaii by Paul Bica

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop! - Gala Darling’s fashion blog has some pretty awesome photos. It’s worth checking out for that alone. Plus she offers some good tips on how to create a successful blog.

What if Mark Zuckerberg sold his share of Facebook?  Dude. I so want to own a private island. Thanks @ytravelblog for sharing.

31 Brilliant Business Lessons from Successful Travel Bloggers – #7 on the list is interesting. “Do not use Google Adsense.” Do you agree?

Poster Design in Poland – Drool.

globe tattoo

Photo by Jason McDowell

Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer - It’s long but worth the read if you’re a writer. Especially the part about limiting TV time and reading a lot.

Oh, how I would have loved to live in Japan in the 1920s.

Worlds oldest backpacker is…wait for it…95! I wanna be like him when I’m that age.

temples in indonesia

Photo taken in Indonesia. Photo by Trey Ratcliff

If anyone of you have ever lived in Germany or suffered through learning the German language, you’ll relate to Mark Twain’s recounting of his struggle to learn German.

I don’t believe there is anything in the whole earth that you can’t learn in Berlin except the German language. – Mark Twain’s Notebook

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool – This is freakin awesome! I wish I wasn’t so afraid of scuba diving.

The World’s Most Expensive Apartments - I discoverd through my new blogging job. It’s a free blogging tool that allows you to easily drag photos, videos, twitter and Facbook posts from across the internet and drop them into your post. I wrote that apartment post as well as a piece about gardening in about 30 minutes.  It’s a good tool to use for promoting your website, as it ranks high in Google. Here’s my piece about guerrilla gardening: Guerrilla Gardening: Beautifying the Planet One Seed Bomb at a Time.  See how I pulled tweets from people’s twitter accounts? Easy peasy!

Travelogged: This Week’s Best Pics and Posts for Travel Addicts

Photo by JD Hancock

Human safaris: Educational or Exploitative? – In India, tour groups lead tourists on “human safaris” to view the indigenous Jarawa people in their native forest habitat. From the article:

“…tourists throw cookies and candy at the Jarawa to convince them to come out into the open. In some cases, tour operators have apparently bribed police officers to allow them to bring tourists to places where they can photograph or film the Jarawa.”

Travel Magazines target the 1%. - I’ve been saying this for a while now, but I was surprised to see Afar and Lonely Planet Magazine made the list and even (get this) Budget Travel.  Interesting.

12 Mildly Disturbing Miniland Scenes from Legoland, Florida - I had a chuckle at this one.  This is a pretty cool travel blog too (love his blog’s name and design).

Travel can extend your life: What the science of time can teach us about new experiences - From Wanderplex. This article explains, in a nutshell, why I love traveling so much.  Read it!

Cool video from World Hum (bonus points for being filmed in my “home” city of Las Vegas!)

20 Things I learned from Traveling around the World for Three Years by Gary Arndt.  I loved all of these but #5 in particular, “American’s aren’t as ignorant as you might think”.  Here’s his explanation:

“There is a stereotype that Americans don’t know much about the rest of the world. There is some truth to that, but it isn’t as bad as you might believe. The reason this stereotype exists is because most other countries on Earth pay very close attention to American news and politics. Most people view our ignorance in terms of reciprocity: i.e. “I know about your country, why don’t you know about mine?” The truth is, if you quizzed people about third-party countries other than the US, they are equally as ignorant. I confronted one German man about this, asking him who the Prime Minister of Japan was. He had no clue. The problem with America is that we suffer from the same problem as the rest of the world: an obsession with American news. The quality of news I read in other parts of the world is on par with what you will hear on NPR.”


German "Backpacker' stamp

Photo by Peretz Partensky

Photo by Vernon Fowler

"Camel Caravan Shadow" by Peter"Good Karma" by Lukasz Z

Travelogged: This Week’s Top Picks and Posts for Travel Addicts

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Cabin Porn!  Someone on Twitter first posted this (I forget who, sorry!) and I love this website.  I hope to one day own my own cabin in the woods somewhere.

Six Things I’ve Learned about Traveling after 1,000 posts for Gadling - I love Gadling. Have I ever mentioned that?  Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“Travel writing is important
Despite the many frustrations of travel writing and the (ahem) low pay, I think it’s more important than my history and fiction writing. This is such a divided world, filled with hatred, ignorance and fear. Chipping away at that negativity by showing people all the wonderful things other cultures have to offer is a noble profession.”

If cities had faces, we’d make out with these places. – The Lonely Planet blog.  Sofia, Bulgaria made the list.  I’ve never been there but now I’m thinking it’d be worth checking out.  I love his description of Portland.

“Portland, Oregon – It’s a rare thing to find someone who’s smart, charming, outdoorsy and attractive without being high maintenance. However, she’s undeniably weird, with some new age leanings that stray dangerously close to hippiedom. Expect your Christmas present to involve crystals.”

Matador posted this on Facebook: Getting Drunk May Unleash Creativity.  Personally, I think the study is completely bogus.

From the “no, duh” files: Flight Attendants Top Poll of Sexiest Professions. Figures.

And on a related note…Vintage flight attendant uniforms via CNN

Me, Jumping on The Great Wall of China

This is my plan for the weekend: How to have a fabulous luxurious retreat and produce your best work ever – without leaving your house.

Would you pay $790 a month for an all-you-can-fly airline? - Um, no.  But I think an all-you-can-fly is an awesome idea.

Cute vintage mag-inspired passport covers.  I want to buy one! Thanks to twitter pal Amory for the link.

I don’t like the car much but I LOVE this song and love road trip sing-a-longs.