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I’ve Got Friends in High Places…

I’ve moved up in the World, folks. Quite literally. I’m now living (well, for two weeks anyway) in a deluxe apartment on the 21st floor of a sky rise in Roppongi.

Here’s a picture of the view from the balcony.

Yep, that’s the Tokyo tower in the distance.

God, I think that the second best thing to being fantastically wealthy is having friends who are fantastically wealthy and who go on vacation to New York and let you housesit for them. I feel like little orphan Annie. : )

“I know I’m gonna like it here
Used to room in a tomb
Where I’d sit and freeze
Get me now, holy cow
Could someone pinch me please.”

– From the Musical Annie

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Got Friends in High Places…

  1. I love your writing style. Your stories and thoughts are great. Finding your blog has helped me remember that it’s okay that Japan wasn’t what I thought it’d be. Though it’s depressing and I constantly try to force myself to love this place, I think by living here I have realized so many things about myself and the life I want that it only makes sense to think the shiny shoed men and girls in mini skirts, hooker boots and fake eyelashes are on an entirely different level than myself.

    Keep up the writing. Good luck with everything..


  2. @ Kimchi, I’m leaving in two weeks! Eeek.

    @ Erin, if I wasn’t so paranoid about getting busted for squatting I’d invite you to come visit!

    @ Martin…Dude. It’s a ginormous city, that’s why! How tall are the buildings in Bulgaria?

    @ Asha, thanks for reading! That makes me happy to know that my blog has helped someone…although I feel weird everytime someone tells me that! I never had any idea when I started writing here that someone might read my random, spastic journal entries and relate much less find them inspirational or useful. It started as a forum for me to use to vent my frustrations and observations because I had no one talk to! At least when I first moved here anyway…Now, I don’t know why I blog exactly…It sort of becomes addicting.

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