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Since 2008, I’ve published nearly 500 blog posts on Taken by the Wind (yikes!). Here is a sampling of some my most popular and widely-shared posts. Enjoy!

Travel blog

Travel is Good for Your Mind, Body and…Sex Life (?!)

Couples Who Travel Together Have Healthier Relationships

Travelers Should Marry and Befriend Other Travelers, According to Anthropologist Helen Fisher

Spending Time Abroad Will Make You Nicer, Less Neurotic

Travel Makes You Sexier, Study Finds

Study Finds Kids Who Travel Do Better in School than Those Who Don’t

You know you’re a travel addict when…

Travel addiction is real! Introducing “Dromomania” and “Drapetomania” (Mad Travelers Disease!)

30 Things to Do When You Can’t Travel (A List for Broke Travel Addicts)

The 6 Best Travel-Themed Tattoos

Scientists Discover the Existence of a “Wanderlust” Gene

Thoughts on living abroad

20 Reasons You Should Live Abroad at Least Once In Your Lifetime

7 Quotes about Expats and Living Abroad

12 More Quotes about Being an Expat

Which country best matches your personality?

Famous Former Expats: 8 Celebrities Who Grew Up Abroad

American culture (‘Merica!)

Travel Advice Other Countries Give to People Visiting the USA

18 Traits All Americans Share

Are Americans Bad Friends?

Neurotic New York or Nice New Orleans: Which US City Suits You Best?

Language learning love

Studies Find You Make Better Decisions When You Think About Them in a Foreign Language

17 Reasons You Should Learn a Foreign Language

My Favorite Travel Words: 7 Beautiful, Untranslatable Words From Around the World

Do you ever mix up your second and third languages?

9 Quotes about Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language

8 American Celebrities You Didn’t Know Spoke a Foreign Language

Travel blogging advice

6 Things I’ve Learned from Six Years of Travel Blogging

Personality Types and Blogging: How Personality May Affect Your Writing

Posts I’m most proud of

22 Things I’ve Learned from 30 Years on Planet Earth

5 Things I’d Wish I’d Known at 25

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