Research Finds Couples Who Travel Together Have Healthier Relationships

couples who travel together are happier

Good news, travel addicts! According to research conducted by by the U.S. Travel Association, couples who travel together report to having better sex and feeling more content in their relationships. The survey also found:

Travel = romance – More than eight in ten (83%) of the travel-loving couples surveyed categorized their relationships as ‘romantic’, and seven in ten (72%) of the couples believe traveling helps to keep the romance alive.

Men and women would rather receive a weekend getaway than presents –  63% of couples polled claimed a short trip would inspire more romantic feelings towards their partner than receiving a gift, even a big gift like jewelry.

Traveling couples have better sex lives than stay-at-homers. 77% of couples who travel together reported to having satisfying sex lives. That number was less – 63% – for couples who do not travel together. What’s more, 28% of couples polled said their sex lives had improved after returning home from a trip; a large percentage of which claimed to have seen permanent improvements.

The takeaway? Traveling strengthens bonds, adds excitement and variety to life and provides couples with the time and space for intimacy, so everyone should do more of it!

Haven’t got a guy or gal of your own yet? Don’t worry. Studies have also shown that traveling makes you ‘sexier’ and more appealing to potential mates.


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    [...] While I can understand the job security worries and financial concerns, I think Americans are doing themselves a huge disservice. Because the health benefits of travel are numerous. Research has found that traveling helps you live longer, it makes you happier and it makes your children smarter. What’s more, studies have found that vacations improve your marriage. [...]

  2. Alexandra

    I completely agree. From experience, strengthened bonds are felt from the shared diverse experiences of travel. Once returned home, you both are different from these experiences and life doesn't fit as neatly as it once did, however the understanding of each other from those shared exposures deepens the affections and bonds. Alexandra

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