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Hiking and Drinking the Moon in Sedona, Arizona

A few weekends ago, some friends and I took a road trip to Sedona, Arizona. It was a loooooooong, boring almost 5-hour drive from Las Vegas, made even worse by the fact that we made the drive after working all day, but no matter. Sedona made up for it in spades. It was beautiful. We stayed in a hilltop house we’d rented through Airbnb and went hiking, BBQ’d on the patio, had a camp fire in the backyard and sat on the roof to watch the sunset. Before we left on Sunday, we wandered through the town and posed for pictures with some pig statues (Sedona had a lot of pig statues. Along the sidewalk, in front of the fro yo place, in the parking lot…Yeah, I dunno…It was weird).




View of Sedona from Airport Mesa


Doing some rooftop yoga at sunset
Drinking the moon
My sangria needed a lil’ something, so I added the moon.

To my great disappointment, we didn’t see any aliens nor did we experience any odd side effects from the “vortexes”. Supposedly Sedona is known for them. But even though I asked multiple people to explain what exactly a vortex was, I never seemed to get a straight answer. Apparently, they have something to do with energy fields or crystals or maybe tectonic plates (um, yeah…Really not sure). People report experiencing mood swings when they come within a mile or two of a vortex and supposedly whatever emotions you’re feeling at the time will become heightened once you enter one. I mostly just felt hot and sunburned throughout my visit, but that likely had more to do with forgetting to put on sunscreen than anything supernatural.

PS Sady, these photos weren’t taken by me (I don’t have a nice camera…my camera took a swim in the lake at the beginning of summer. Plus, I’m not that talented). They were taken by a friend. You can check out his other photos here:

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