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Traveling Makes You ‘Sexier’, Survey Finds

Eight out of 10 people (79%) find singles who travel to be more attractive than those who don’t.

This is according to a poll conducted on the internet dating site by tour operator Intrepid Travel.¬†456 UK adults between the age of 25 and 65 were surveyed and while the results aren’t surprising (DUH! Of course travelers are dead sexy!), we’ll take the compliment anyway.


Survey reveals people who who travel are seen as sexier and more attractive than those who don't
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Travelers are attractive because they’re “fun-loving”

What is it about nomadic souls that has everyone swooning? Survey respondents answered that they found people who traveled more attractive because they believed travelers to be more spontaneous, fun-loving, open-minded, adventurous and cultured.

Aw, shucks. Now you’ve gone and made me blush! Thanks, guys! ūüôā

Intrepid Travel conducted a similar study the year prior and found comparable results. That study also looked at what types of travelers people found most appealing and the nearly 1,000-person poll found that people favored “daring travelers” most, followed by “adventure seekers” (23 percent) and “off-the-beaten-track travelers” (22 percent).

Even if we all already knew this, we can still celebrate because now the rest of the world knows it too! Woohoo!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling Makes You ‘Sexier’, Survey Finds

  1. I’m reminded of the adage that there are very few ugly brides. People on their wedding day (men and women both) put in their best effort to groom themselves, dress well, smile (at least in American wedding photos), etc.

    Perhaps travelers tend to be:
    1) More affluent or at least confident in their resources.
    2) Attentive to their appearance. Travel to different cultures makes you aware of how you see other people and how they perceive you.
    3) Exercise more. Except for the inclusive traveler whose taken around by a group tour like a toddler, most travelers have to run to catch flights, run to catch buses, use public transit, walk to avoid calling a taxi, etc.
    4) Empathetic and attentive to how they treat other people and flexible with personal communication styles. Charm allows a traveler to get more for their money and different environments requires a traveler to “flex that muscle” more.

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