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My Favorite Travel Words: 7 Beautiful, Untranslatable Words From Around the World

This blog post combines two of my obsessions: foreign languages and traveling. Oh, and pretty pictures. I love those too!

 1. Hiraeth

Why I love this word: When you’ve traveled or lived abroad for a while, you start to look at your home city or country in a new light. “Home” ceases to feel that way. But at the same time, it seems no matter how foreign your passport country may feel, you never stop longing for it when you’re away.


2. Livsnjutare

Why I love this word: What’s not to love? The word perfectly describes expats and travelers and risk-taking nomads everywhere.


3. Dérive

Why I love this word: Unplanned journeys are my favorite types of journeys. As an INFP personality type, I naturally crave new experiences. I am easily bored with structure and routine.


4. Yoko Meshi

Why I love this word: I can completely relate to feeling stressed out while trying to speak a foreign language. What expat hasn’t? I felt yoko meshi strongest when I was living in Japan.

yoko meshi definition

5. Resfeber

Why I love this word: The adrenaline rush I get in the planning stages of a trip is part of what makes me keep doing it! I love that the Swedes have a word to describe this. I think I’m going to start trying to use this word in conversations. “I’m sorry, boss…I can’t go to work today. I have resfeber.”


6. Fernweh

Why I love this word: This is one of my favorite German words. I think I love it even more than “wanderlust”. Can we please steal this one for the English language? C’mon, English speakers. Let’s start a trend.


 7. Eleutheromania

Why I love this word: I saved the best for last! I think I experience an “irresistible desire for freedom” at least once per day. I’m never content in one place for long; I’m forever daydreaming about packing everything up and hitting the open road…I totally suffer from Eleutheromania.


Which one is your favorite? Got any to add?

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