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The 6 Best Travel-Themed Tattoos

Maybe you consider yourself a life-long travel-enthusiast because you have a passport stamp collection and an active Couchsurfing profile.  But until you’ve taken your love for the road to the next level and gotten a travel tat, you can’t truly consider yourself a lifer.  Because nothing says ‘travel addict’ like scarring a treasure map onto your bicep or permanently inking an aircraft emergency evacuation pamplet onto your calf.  Or you could be like this dude and get a tattoo of a United Airlines Boeing 727.  Everyone might think your plane crazy, but they won’t be laughing when your travel tat scores you a free upgrade on your next United flight.

Here’s a collection of some of the best travel-inspired tattoos the world wide web has to offer.  What do you think?  Would you get one of these?

The World Map

Sam’s World by Thomas Hawk

The Paper Plane

Adventureland by Beast Love


Photo by Neon Buggle

The Sailboat

Photo by Timoni

The Pirate Ship

Photo by Hustle Roses

The Compass

Photo by Sheriff Mitchell

My personal favorite is the world map tatoo.  ‘Course I’m kinda biased being that I have a similar one on my ankle and all…

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13 thoughts on “The 6 Best Travel-Themed Tattoos

  1. Thanks! Yeah, I think I’ve grown out of my tattoo stage, so I probably wouldn’t get any of them. But I admire them on other people.

    I met a girl in Nicaragua with a the most beautiful sail boat tattoo on her arm which was what inspired this post.

    Do you already have a tattoo or would this be your first?

  2. I like your blog post. It is cool how you have taken your travel based blog and found tattoos that are based on travel. I am kind of partial to the nautical star which you don’t feature but might laso make the list as a travel tattoo. The nautical star of course was used by sailors to navigate the globe so defeintly travel themed. Today it kind of represent individuality and following your own path in life.

    I really like the black outline globe on the shoulder that is one hot tattoo. I could see the paper airplane also making a great hip tattoo design for a female.

    At any rate you have some great blog posts here and a really good site. I am going to check out the posts you have on Japan it looks like someone has some good photos of there and it is where half of my family is from.

    Cherry Blossom Tattoos

  3. Thank u for this post. Im a student and moved from my home in nj to st louis for school and then studied abroad in Thailand, also visiting Cambodia. Ill be studying abroad in London in a few months so Im looking for a travel tattoo to be symbolic of these years. Most likely one that has initials of all the cities and countries Ive lived in and had an imact on my life. Thanks for all the great ideas, ill b looking more into the world map one 🙂

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