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Hong Kong, You’re Hilarious

My week in Hong Kong was spent shopping and eating in street markets in Kowloon. That probably explains why I came home with a suitcase full of knockoff designer handbags and sneakers, multiple pairs of plastic ‘made in Hong Kong’ three dollar heels and…food poisoning.

I won’t bore you with photos of skyscrapers, butterflies and my friend Kanako posing with various eating utensils…which make up about 90 percent of the photos I took. Japan has turned me into one of those people who takes pictures of rock formations and flowers and (shudder) museum exhibits. I used to hate people like that. Do you know how many pictures I took in my entire four months in India? 32. When I visited the Taj Mahal I took a whopping total of two photos. Two. I took 200 photos in Hong Kong. I need help…seriously.

McDonalds has jumped on the gourmet coffee trend? !!!! What’s next? Champagne and caviar? Fillet Mignon?

This snazzy British royal guard costume and mannequin were for sale at Cat Street Market.

Octopus on a stick

Octopus escapes and attacks my mom!

It’s a Bird’s nest and some frog innards…in my mango and coconut ice cream. No, they weren’t accidentally knocked into the bowl while the chef wasn’t looking. They’re good for your health and swallow spit is supposed to do wonders to your aging or acned skin. Certainly a more interesting topping choice than say, chocolate sauce or sprinkles, don’t ya think?

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  1. Yeah I wasn’t too sure about it when I saw it. But it was pretty good! My mom wouldn’t touch it…Guess it was a little too life-like.

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