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Bowling in a Hotel Room in Vegas!

My dad and I at a Cinevegas party at the Palms

The Bad Idea that was my move to Vegas wasn’t entirely a waste of time because I got to attend the film festival Cinevegas (think Sundance, only smaller). And it was fun to pretend for a weekend that I was rich and famous.

My dad works in the film industry, although that isn’t as glamourous as it sounds. He mostly helps produce straight-to-video, B-grade slasher films which you’d only ever catch if you were watching TV at three in the morning in, say, Budepest or Uzbekistan. But every once in a while his producer status comes in handy. Like last weekend for example, when it scored me an all-access pass to the film festival
premieres and pool-side parties the The Palms Resort and Casino.

One of my dad’s films is on that sign!

I’ve actually considered going to work for the production company my dad fiances (he has an office in Las Vegas), but although I love movies, I don’t know if I love the type of people that are involved in making them. Most actors I’ve met are nice enough, it’s just that their entourage of hanger-ons have this ‘holier than than thou’ attitude that’s sort of draining to be around.

The production company my dad works for threw a party in the KingPin Suite at the Palms. I felt like I was on an episode of Cribs, because not only did the suite have a bar, pool and poker tables, but a giant two-lane bowling alley right down the center of it.

Here’s me bowling barefoot before the party started. After it was under way, I was assigned to the role of cocktail waitress, which is something that I’m not very good at. I spilled a drink on the friend of the heir to the MGM empire, (oops!). So not smooth.

I think the hightlight of the weekend for me was seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt up close. You probably know him from Third Rock from the Sun (he played Tommy), but he was also in the Lookout and Brick (good movies!) and he starred in the film 500 Days of Summer (out next month). It’s a borderline chick flick and reminded me of Garden State but the script is hilarious and it’s a perfect movie for anyone who’s ever been dumped (which is practically everyone, right?). He’s a really talented actor and I wish I’d had the courage to approach him.

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4 thoughts on “Bowling in a Hotel Room in Vegas!

  1. Awesome! What a life of glam 😛 for the weekend.
    Glad you had fun!

    (and don't sweat the drink spills. At least it wasn't the heiress to the Hilton empire. Then, you woulda had to spill the drink on purpose.)

  2. Ha. I would have loved to meet Paris. That would have been hilar. I'm really bad at recognizing famous people. I've always just assumed that the reason they look so familiar is because I know them personally. I once met Stephen King and carried on this whole casual convo with him because I thought he was an old friend of my dad. I had no idea who he was until later. He was pretty cool about it though…just played along. It must happen to him a lot.

    I wish I'd known though. I would have loved to pick his brain.

  3. OMG..I love love love Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! I've liked him since his "angels in the outfield" days! Like you I wouldn't have had the nerve to approach him…oh well, at least you got to see him from afar which is more than most people can say.

  4. He seemed like a really nice, normal guy. I overheard some of his conversations and he was at the Q&A after the "500 Days of Summer" screening and was really funny!

    Did you know that he studied French and literature at Columbia? How cool is that?

    Okay, enough gushing about celebritites. But seriously, you should see that movie. I'm sure you'd like it. It's got an awesome soundtrack, too (The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Feist…).

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