Global Citizenship, Anyone?

global passport

From the Article, A Global Citizenship, by Leah MacFadyen

I believe that one day a passport like this will exist. Is it too much to hope that it happens in my lifetime?

That would so solve all of my problems.

I mean, can you imagine being allowed to legally live and work in any corner of the world without ever having to hassle with work permits and visa sponsorships?

I think I would split my time between London, Paris, NYC, Maui and somewhere in the sub-continent. Since we’re talking about my version of a Utopian society here, then I might as well add that for work, I’d…well, I wouldn’t work. I’d be a self-employed novelist and advocate for a globalized equal-opportunity education system… and I’d run my own not-for-profit.

What would you do?

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Chase

    can I just say "ditto" to your Utopian life?

    I will say, though, that I doubt I'd split my time very evenly. I think I'd want to see it all, if I could.

    (hmm... why wait? What's stopping me? ...minus the book contract, of course)

  2. All About Travel

    As someone who already considers herself a global citizen, I absolutely love this. I'd join your non-profit and work to help eliminate poverty.

  3. Reannon

    Did you guys know that such a passport already exists? Apparently there's a website that advocates for a 'world government' by the 'world citizens' and sells a passport that comes in seven different languages. It's not widely recognized just yet but it's an official document that can be used in addition to your national passport. There's a membership fee you have to pay to own of them, though. Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me...but it's a start, no?

    Check it out:

  4. Kasey

    Oooooh! At this current phase in my life, I'd split my time between San Francisco, Mexico (I can't narrow it down to one city just yet, but since this is Utopia, do I have to?), Paris, and Valencia, Spain. With the option to see it all, as Chase said. I'd carry a guitar with me and write lovely songs the whole world would sing, and I'd start non-profits that other people would run. Hmm, does being a global citizen come with a paycheck?

  5. Reannon Muth

    @Kasey - I like the "start non-profits that other people would run" thing. Haha. That totally appeals to my lazy personality. :) "Hmm, does being a global citizen come with a paycheck?" - Yeah, I think it's called "trust fund." Why Valencia? I've never been there...