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Global Citizenship, Anyone?

global passport

From the Article, A Global Citizenship, by Leah MacFadyen

I believe that one day a passport like this will exist. Is it too much to hope that it happens in my lifetime?

That would so solve all of my problems.

I mean, can you imagine being allowed to legally live and work in any corner of the world without ever having to hassle with work permits and visa sponsorships?

I think I would split my time between London, Paris, NYC, Maui and somewhere in the sub-continent. Since we’re talking about my version of a Utopian society here, then I might as well add that for work, I’d…well, I wouldn’t work. I’d be a self-employed novelist and advocate for a globalized equal-opportunity education system… and I’d run my own not-for-profit.

What would you do?

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5 thoughts on “Global Citizenship, Anyone?

  1. can I just say "ditto" to your Utopian life?

    I will say, though, that I doubt I'd split my time very evenly. I think I'd want to see it all, if I could.

    (hmm… why wait? What's stopping me? …minus the book contract, of course)

  2. As someone who already considers herself a global citizen, I absolutely love this. I'd join your non-profit and work to help eliminate poverty.

  3. Did you guys know that such a passport already exists? Apparently there's a website that advocates for a 'world government' by the 'world citizens' and sells a passport that comes in seven different languages. It's not widely recognized just yet but it's an official document that can be used in addition to your national passport. There's a membership fee you have to pay to own of them, though. Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me…but it's a start, no?

    Check it out:


  4. Oooooh! At this current phase in my life, I’d split my time between San Francisco, Mexico (I can’t narrow it down to one city just yet, but since this is Utopia, do I have to?), Paris, and Valencia, Spain. With the option to see it all, as Chase said.

    I’d carry a guitar with me and write lovely songs the whole world would sing, and I’d start non-profits that other people would run.

    Hmm, does being a global citizen come with a paycheck?

  5. @Kasey – I like the “start non-profits that other people would run” thing. Haha. That totally appeals to my lazy personality. ūüôā

    “Hmm, does being a global citizen come with a paycheck?” – Yeah, I think it’s called “trust fund.”

    Why Valencia? I’ve never been there…

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