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I’m Going on a Travel-Spree!

I appologize for leaving ya hanging there with that last post. I meant to finish it, I did. But then I got sidetracked with planning a trip to the Caribbean and had to run to work.

And well, you’ll have to wait a teeny tiny bit longer for the ending. I’m sorry! I know that I’ve been this horribly sporadic blogger lately and I blame it all on work stress and the fact that life in America is totally overly familiar and uninspiring (which I know is a totally crap excuse, but it’s the truth).

Plus, I’ve been totally consumed with planning this mini-vaca I’m about to embark on. Yep, I’m totally gonna take advantage of these free flight privaledges and head to New York…and maybe, probably, Aruba. Or Bermuda. Or Columbia.

Because that’s one of the perks of working for an airline…you can leave everything up in the air until the last possible second. Because booking yourself a flight is as easy as signing into the intranet portal, highlighting a destination and then point! Click! You’ve got yourself a seat on the next flight to…well, anywhere.

I swear, these travel benefits are like crack in the hands of the wrong person (read: Me). Already I can see myself spending all of the money I’ve put away into my car fund, on hotels in Jamaica and zip-lining excursions in Costa Rica.

New York Sunset by


Photo by Caruba

Oranjestad, Aruba in Pastel by Atomic Shark

Big Bonsi in Aruba by Matthew E. Green

I don’t really have much of a plan. Tomorrow night I know that I’ll be staying with a friend in New York…but after that…Who knows? I haven’t exactly reserved a hotel, or planned for what I’m going to do once I get there. Hell, I’m leaving in three hours and I haven’t even packed and I have yet to even pin-point a precise destination.

But that’s just all part of the adventure, no?

I’m so unbelievably excited. But I can’t write even a sentence more because I need to go pack and then hopefully I’ll have time to sleep for about a half hour before I’ve got to wake up again to catch my flight.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Going on a Travel-Spree!

  1. Aw, wish you could have come! It's sorta lonely traveling by yourself…It def gets old after a while.

    But I definitely love, love, LOVE that I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want. It's really cool. I think everyone should work for an airline…It's stressful sometimes but totally worth it.

  2. I wished I could have come too! You sound like a completely rad person to travel with.

    I hear ya on the going alone business – I always book trips by myself and then end up convincing others to join me when I consider all the things I'd have to do by myself. Bah.

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