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My Job Might Be Leaving Me Soon

I love working for an airline. So much so, in fact, that I can’t seem to find a way to write about it. I only started a two months ago and I’m still in that honeymoon phase where everything is still so new, exciting, overwhelming and completely indescribable. Sort of like the first few weeks into a new relationship.

But what’s crap, is that this lovely new relationship might be coming to end soon. Yes, I might be getting laid off in January. See, I work at the airport in San Francisco but about an hour away, at the airport in San Jose, our airline is laying off half of it’s customer service staff. And because my position with this airline is based on seniority (and being so new, I have none), then the San Jose staff have the option of transferring to the San Francisco airport and stealing my job right from under me. This is referred to as “bumping” and its perfectly legal and happens all the time.

If this happens, which it’s looking like it will, then that means I’d have the option of either transfering to a different airport and “bumping” off an employee there that has less seniority than me or else taking my severance package and leaving my dear job, possibly for good.

This means that come January, I’ll have to decide if this job is worth moving across the country for. Because if a job opens up in New York or Boston or Washington DC, then I might very well take it. But that would mean that I’d be starting over somewhere new. Again. Which would make that the 18th time I’ve relocated…And I only just moved to San Francisco four months ago.


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