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I went to Colombia! And other news…

A lot has happened in the last three weeks.

1. I worked 112 hours over a 10 day period. Two of those days I worked 17 hours straight.

2. I bid farewell to my mid-twenties and celebrated my 27th birthday.

3. As a birthday present to myself, I went to Colombia for a week with one of my best friends, Kim.

4. In Colombia, we got pick-pocketed, horribly lost, stranded in a ghetto four hours from the capital and drank numerous cups of hot chocolate with chunks of cheese in it (which by the way, is my new favorite drink).

5. I also went clubbing, visited an underground cathedral made entirely of salt and bought 15 pairs of earrings for under USD $5.00.

6. I’m now officially in love with South America and can’t wait to go back.

Here’s a photo recap of the last seven days.

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4 thoughts on “I went to Colombia! And other news…

  1. You always seemed close to my age and now I know we were born in the same year. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you found a new 'in love with that place' destination. Might be easy for you to escape there from time to time. It's still on my 'to see' list so can't wait for more!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I really really loved Colombia. It was beautiful and everyone was so nice and friendly. And it really wasn't as unsafe as you would think. You should definitely go!

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