Upcoming Trips: Puerto Rico, Antigua and the Sundance Film Festival

Next week I’ll be heading to Puerto Rico for four days.  The first and last time I visited Puerto Rico I was 13 years old.  I remember eating a fried banana, driving past rows of Fruit Loop-colored houses made of cement, and finding a singing Coqui frog in my cousin’s bedroom. I’m sure this trip will prove just as interesting. : )  It’ll certainly be nice to go to the beach and not have to wear a parka (would you believe that it snowed in parts of the San Francisco Bay area recently?!).

Old San Juan by FanJason

One of my best friend’s, Kanako, is coming to visit for Christmas and we’re going to Antigua (an Island in the Caribbean), to visit our old roomate.  I haven’t seen my Antiguan friend since we graduated college five years ago and ever since I got this airline job, I’ve been meaning to visit her.

View from the Top by KiraLyn

My dad works in the film industry and every year he invites me to go to Sundance with him, but every year thus far I’ve either been out of the country or else working.  But one good thing about being in the States again is that this year I’ll get to tag along.  I can’t wait to see Utah and Johnny Depp, (I hope he makes an appearance!) because I hear both are gorgeous in person.  I’m so beyond excited, you have no idea.

Park City, Utah.  Host of the annual Sundance Film Festival

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips: Puerto Rico, Antigua and the Sundance Film Festival

  1. i am jealous about every single thing you wrote in this post

    but i guess i am most jealous about johnny depp!! snakes alive, you are one lucky girl!

  2. Ha….well, I’m not sure if I’m going anymore! A lot has happened since I wrote that last post. One of them being that I may soon be out of a job, in which case I’ll have no money to go ANYWHERE.

    But we’ll see…it’s all up in the air right now. : (

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