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48 Hours in Puerto Rico


3 – Number of hours I spent in the car (driving to and from the airport)

17.5 – Number of hours I spent in various airplanes

7 – Number of hours I spent waiting for my flight (in three different airports)

27.5 – Number of total hours I spent in transit

48 – Number of total hours spent in Puerto Rico (and half of those were spent asleep)

1 – Number of afternoons I spent stumbling around Old San Juan in a sleep-deprived, jetlagged haze, so tired I was positive I would puke.

18 – Number of times my mother told me I was bonkers for even considering traveling that far for such a short period of time


1 – Number of days I spent relaxing on the beach, eating potato chips, drinking cold Medella beers and listening to reggaeton with my cousin and her friends

2 – Number of hours I spent sunburing sunbathing

1 – Number of hours I spent body surfing


23 – Number of photos I took of the same stretch of shoreline


1,357 – Number of times I found myself wishing I could stay in Puerto Rico forever…


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