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16 Signs You’re a Frequent Flier

16. You refer to cities by their airport codes. As in, “I went to IAD last weekend and next Tuesday I’ll be flying to ORD.”

15. You’ve had your baggage lost, damaged and pilfered through so many times that you now avoid checking a bag at all costs.

14. You know the difference between a through flight and a direct flight.

13. You’ve memorized various aircraft seat maps and know which seats don’t recline and which offer extra leg room. You know what the word ‘bulkhead’ means and you avoid sitting there.

12. When shopping for toiletries, you subconsciously purchase all of your shampoo and toothpastes travel sized.

10. Whenever it snows or there’s a thunder storm, you feel a sense of foreboding and automatically think of flight delays and cancellations, even if you aren’t flying anywhere that day.

9. You can actually sleep on a plane (even if your seat doesn’t recline or you’re seated next to an infant or the aft lav).

8. You can never remember where you parked your car at the airport.

7. You carry your passport in your wallet at all times…just in case.

6. The customer service agents at the ticket counter begin to recognize you.  Some see you so often they begin to wonder if you work there.

5. You have multiple wireless hotspot accounts and know where all of the electrical outlets are at multiple gates, in multiple airport terminals.

4. You have a favorite airport, a favorite airport bar, restaurant, shop, chair.

3. You can give directions to the nearest airport restroom or coffee shop, and not just in your home city airport either.

2. You’ve filled out so many immigration forms that you know your passport number by heart.

1. Checking the time on your watch always involves a quick calculation, because it’s never set in the right time zone.

Thanks to John’s Blog, and Valley of the Geeks for providing inspiration for a few of these!

Got any to add?

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