More Posts Coming Soon!

I’m sorry I haven’t written much (alright, at all), recently. But it’s really all my job’s fault.  If you haven’t flown across the continental US in the past couple of weeks, then you can count yourself as one lucky person, because there’s been nothing but flight delays and cancellations due to some pretty freaky weather.

Which means that for the past two weeks, if I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been either at work or else getting ready for work or driving to and from work. It’s been work, work, work and frankly I’ve been feeling too burnt out to even turn on my computer, let alone write anything worth posting. There’s been several nights where I haven’t left the airport until 5am (I was scheduled to get off at midnight), because a flight originating from the East coast was delayed for 10 hours or one of the incoming flights was struck by lighting and had to be grounded for repairs.

One way that airlines ensure that they’ll have enough grounds staff to meet a delayed flight is by sneaking an evil little clause into our contracts called ‘mandatory over time’.  What this means is that if a ground delay program goes into effect at the airport, then no one leaves until the airline says that we can.  And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got five sick kids waiting for you at home, or if you have to work again early the next morning, you can’t leave until that aircraft does.

Which sucks. Because although I’m raking in some big money with all of this overtime, it’s turning my mind into mush.  I feel so exhausted and mentally drained most days that I can’t think straight.


You can rest assure that I haven’t quit blogging and I have a lot of interesting posts in the works.  I just returned from a long weekend at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah and that alone has inspired a notebook page worth of blog post ideas!

Here’s a preview of some of the post headlines you might see in the next few days:

“The Bus Ride from Hell: My 15 hour 23 hour Bus Ride to Utah”

“The Story of how a Homeless Bum Urinated on my Suitcase during my 15 hour 23 hour Bus Ride to Utah”

“The Story of how the Bus Broke Down and later got Stuck in the Snow during my 15 hour 23 hour Bus Ride to Utah”

As well as equally entertaining accounts, such as…

“I watched Paris Hilton Eat a Slice of Pizza in a Cafe at the Sundance Film Festival”

“How I Discovered Perky Jerky; My new Favorite Caffeinated Meat Snack”

“The Perilous Tale of My Six-Hour-Stay in the Salt Lake City Airport, and How I had to Buy a 200 Dollar Plane Ticket on Southwest Because all of the Flights were Sold Out and I Needed to Get Back to Work by 8pm that Night or else Risk getting Fired.”

Okay, so maybe that last one could use a bit of editing, but you get the idea.

So stay tuned!  Please.  I know I’ve been a craptastic blogger lately and haven’t responded yet to some of your comments, but I promise that will change soon.

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