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Aloha from Hawaii

Waikiki Beach from Helicopter, Oahu, Hawaii by Cosmic_Kid99

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony of my parent’s Waikiki condo in Honolulu, Hawaii.  And it’s absolutely beautiful here.

I’ve just spent the last half hour typing and retyping this paragraph, trying to capture in words how gorgeous the view is, but everything that comes to mind sounds corny and clichéd; the stuff of tourist brochures.

I could tell you, for example, that the view is ‘breath-taking’. I could describe the stretch of white-sand beach that hugs the shoreline, the sail boats that glint in the sunshine like sparkling diamonds or how the the coconut trees sway gently in the warm, gardenia-scented breeze.

Right now there’s even a rainbow forming over the horizon.  Yes, a freaking rainbow. And it’s majestic and vibrant and awe-inspiring, too.

But if I told you all of that, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me.  Or else you’d just groan and tell me I should wait to write a post until I have something a little more original to say.

But the truth is that the last two days have been wonderful.  Magical even.  And as I sit here in my bathrobe, sipping Kona coffee in the early morning sunshine (ugh, I know), I feel like I’ve just wandered into a Hawaii Tourism billboard; complete with cheese-ball “Welcome home” tag line.  Because that’s what the last two days of my vacation have felt like:  like coming home.

Yeah, that’s about as witty as I got right now…I promise to write more later though.  Hopefully by then I’ll be feeling more inspired and will have found a USB cable so that I can upload some of my photos.

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3 thoughts on “Aloha from Hawaii

  1. I’m ok with the generic descriptions as long as they are true! Trust me, I’ve seen places like that, and those words are sometimes the only ones you can get to even come close to expressing what you’re seeing!

    Sounds lovely to me, truly.

  2. Hey! I came across your blog and see that you are an avid traveler! I live in Germany, so it makes it easy to travel here around Europe. Anywho that picture is GORGEOUS. I really hope you enjoy yourself, and wear SPF!

  3. I had an awesome time in Hawaii! I’ve sort of fallen behind on blogging…I don’t know how anyone travels and blogs at the same time because I can never keep up! The last thing I want to do when I travel is set aside time to write or upload photos…ha. I guess I’ll never be a travel writer…I’m not disciplined for that.

    Anywho, thanks for the comments, guys. Now that I’m FINALLY in Guatemala, I’ll try to post more frequently. TRY being the key word here. : )

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