Water, Water Everywhere…

So remember the last post I wrote?  The one where I made light of the fact that Guatemala is soon to become fish food?  Yeah, of course you do.  Because I only wrote it a couple of hours ago.

Well, here’s another update on the situation that’s slightly less than funny:  My ceiling is now leaking water onto my bed.  The bed that I have to sleep in tonight.

So you’re probably all like:  Well, why don’t you just move your bed, then?

Well, I’d do that but the problem is that water is leaking from every part of the ceiling.  There’s not a dry bit of ceiling left.  This house is sinking, folks.  And it’s about to take us all with it.

Okay, so maybe that last line was a bit dramatic.  I’m sure that if my room starts to really flood, I can always bunk with one of my roommates or else share the couch with the dog.  It’s not like I’ll be waking up in a river or anything, any time soon.

On a related note, my roommates went out to buy some purified water just now (you can’t drink the facet water here) and the water vendors had jacked the price of drinking water up to 12 dollars a container.  12 dollars!  That’s twice as much as the average Guatemalan makes for an entire day’s worth of work.  Apparently, despite the fact that the city now has a giant river running through the middle of it, we’re all running low on drinking water.

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5 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere…

  1. Wow, you have your own mini-version of Survivor…and to think I’m freaked out about a spider while you have a roof that’s leaking…Hopefully the rain runs off cause if not..then maybe the worst-case scenario is your roof caving in due to the heavy water on top of it…

    Yeah me mentioning that probably isn’t making things better. Guess I better shut up now. 😀

  2. Crikes, your situation sounds pretty scary at this point. I hope things don’t get much worse for you and your roomies and you don’t end up sick or having your place or things ruined. Stay safe and I’ll be thinking (actually, worrying) about you! Please update when everything calms down.

  3. It’s been raining all May in Poland, half of the country has been flooded and now the flood wave is here outside my window together with rain but I live in a European city so it’s not as bad as your situation. Stocking up on drinkable water is the most important thing you need to do now. When it gets better in your place hop over to my blog for flood photos.

  4. Aw, thanks for your concern, guys. But the roof held up and although it’s started to rain again, things are looking okay…for the moment, anyway!

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