Future Travel Plans: Nicaragua!

So I’ve decided to celebrate my lapse back into unemployment by relocating to Nicaragua.  I don’t know a lot about Nicaragua, cept that it’s cheaper there, which means that I can buy myself some more time to figure out what the Hell I’m doing with my life.  That, and two of my old housemates are living in this sea-side town near Leon, taking surfing lessons and volunteering.  Apparently if you agree to teach English three days a week, you get free room and board at one of the hostels.  Not a bad deal, no?

I’ve also started writing for a few online article mills, which don’t pay that well and the articles I write are basically the writing equivalent of a fork in the eye, but hey, it’s a pay check.  Today, for example, I wrote an article about sleep apnea and another one about a psychic octopus.  Yawn.  But I figure that so long as I write a few of those a week, I can make as much as I would teaching and hopefully be able to cover most of my expenses. We shall see.

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