Would You Buy These?

These were for sale in the tourist market in Granada, Nicaragua.

I don’t want to make fun of these too much because obviously a lot of time and care was put into them.  I mean, just look at the detail in the man’s Tom Selleck moustache.  And the artist even thought to add a touch of realism by adding the a trash can next to each toilet (in Nicaragua, toilet paper isn’t flushed, it’s thrown in the trash).

I imagine the artist’s conversation with the souvenir vendor went something like this:

Vendor:  None of the tourists are buying your volcano paintings.  Come up with something more interesting.

Artist:  How about a painting of a toucan?  Or a man sleeping in a hammock on the beach?

Vendor:  NO!  No…that’s been done too many times before.

Artist:  Okay, I know.  How about a painting of a man sleeping in a hammock, on a beach with a toucan flying over his head? And a volcano in the background?

Vendor:  No!  I said that we need something interesting!  Something funny!  The tourists like to laugh.  They will buy it if it’s funny.

Artist:  (thinking a moment) Okay…how about a man sitting on a toilet?  Everybody likes a good ‘man sitting on the toilet’ joke.  It’ll be your best selling souvenir, I promise.

Vendor:  (hesitating) Alright…We’ll try it.  But this better not be another one of your crappy ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Would You Buy These?

  1. Hmm, these would make a great gag gift! Last year in Peru, I bought my sister a CD of popular movie songs played on pan flute not because it was good, but because it was totally cheesy and it cracked me up. I love the looks on people’s faces when you give them random gifts 😉

  2. That’s a good point. Maybe I should buy them and give them to my brothers for Christmas? They’d prob think I was nuts.

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