Travel Addiction

The Best Travel-Themed Furniture

I’m the process of buying / borrowing / dumpster-diving for furniture for my new apartment.  Being that I just bought a car that I can’t afford and still owe a thousand dollars on a medical bill, my apartment will probably never see any of the travel-themed furniture pictured bellow.  Like a Marc Jacobs Pan-Am bag or a plane ticket to the 2013 Kumb Mela festival in India, (bet those two things have never appeared in the same sentence together before, huh?) decorative furniture is going on my mile-long “One Day When I’m not Broke” list.
And in case you were wondering, no one’s paying me to promote these products (ha, I wish) but my birthday was last month (I’m now 28!  Yikes!) and so if you’d like to send me one of them for a belated birthday / house-warming gift, I wouldn’t like, say no or anything.  : )
Postcard Art by Yahgie


          You can customize the name and address to anything you wish.  It sells for US $63.19 at   

Passport-Stamped Pillow by Yahgie


  Also available at, this passport-themed cushion cover is $47.99.  Damn!  That’s almost as much as a real passport.  But it’s cute, no?                                                    

Word Map Tree Wall Decal Available on


 <— You can buy this on for 49.99 (which doesn’t include shipping).  You can chose from a number of different colors.  I’m thinking of buying one in green.    

Pretty in Pink Suitcase Chair and Table Combo - Upcycled Vintage Luggage by Love Nostalgic Whimsy


                                                                                          I found this one on, too.  It’s sold out but what a clever idea!  Apparently turning vintage suitcases into coffee tables is a bit of a trend.    

 This white suitcase table I found on Flickr is by far my favorite.    


So what do you think?  Would you buy any of these?  Or is eating your cheerios off of someones old luggage taking the whole travel addiction thing a little far?     


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