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Future Travel Plans: Montana or Arizona?

I found a  ticket from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona for just 26 dollars (round-trip!) and another plane ticket from Las Vegas to Bozeman (which I know sounds like the capital of a small eastern African country but it’s actually a city in Montana) for 80 dollars (round-trip).

What I need from you, dear readers, is some advice.  Where should I go?

Something to consider is that my guy friend and I will be:

A. Only able to go for a max of three days and

B.  Visiting in February


Photo of Bozeman, Montana by Art History Images


Youth hostel:  26 dollars per night (Sheesh!  Expensive, no?)

Plane ticket:  80 dollars (RT)

Things to do:  Skiing, Montana Grizzly Encounter, Pioneer Museum, Museum of the Rockies, Hotsprings


"Washington Street, Phoenix, at night" by Gwilmore

Youth hostel:  15 dollars per night

Plane ticket:  26 dollars (round-trip)

Things to do:  Pub crawl, Mystery Castle

Mystery Castle by Media Fury

While researching for quirky things to do in Phoenix, I discovered the “Mystery Castle” which is neither a mystery nor a castle but a 1930’s house made out of salvaged junk and auto parts.  It has 18 rooms and 13 fire places.  Tours are just five dollars.

Well?  Whatch ya think?

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