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Want Something Unique to Do in San Francisco? Visit Full House

Back in early 2010 when I was still living in California and one of my best friends from Japan was in town for the weekend, we visited the Tanner Residence (AKA the house from the sitcom “Full House“).

Full House by Alexius Tan

Ready? Let’s sing along, shall we?

“When you’re lost out there and your all alone
A light is waiting to carry you home
Everywhere you look!”

Alright, so the Tanner Family never lived here. Besides the fact that hot Uncle Jessie and baby Michelle and the gang were part of a fictional 80’s television show, the entire sitcom was filmed in a studio in Burbank and nowhere near San Francisco. But the house featured in the opening shot of every episode is very much real. It’s on 1709 Broderick street and belongs to a family which, according to comments made on Yelp, are not too happy about it. Apparently, in addition to the drunks warbling the Full House theme song at odd hours of the night and tourists posing for photos on their front steps, they have the occasional prankster ring their doorbell and run away.

As Uncle Jesse would say, “Have mercy!” Those poor people. But hey, it could be worse. I’d hate to be the people who live in one of the famous “Painted Ladies”.  The painted ladies also appear in the Full House opening credits and being beautiful and well, painted and all, they’re far more of a tourist attraction than the house on Broderick street.

Alamo Square by Blupics

Would you want to live in a famous house? Personally, I think it’d be sort of cool.

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