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Party of One: Have you ever gone to a bar alone?

"Waiting for the Right One" by Elena Fidanovska

I think one of the biggest things travel has taught me is how to be comfortable with being alone.  I used to feel extremely self-conscious going to a restaurant or movie theater solo and would have never dreamed of going to a bar or club by myself.  But travel forced me, mostly out of necessity, to overcome that fear.

I wrote a short guide to drinking alone for Divine Caroline, as part of my series on solo travel.

What do you think?  Do you have any tips to add? Would you go (or have you ever gone) to a bar by yourself?  What was it like?

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3 thoughts on “Party of One: Have you ever gone to a bar alone?

  1. I can’t imagine myself sitting alone in a bar. I’m not a people person and I don’t feel comfortable in a crowd even if I’m with a friend. But maybe I should try it sometime, it could be a personal challenge. I’m not sure I’ll attract the right kind of people thought. You are beautiful women, isn’t it too often when some men are just hitting on you? It could be annoying..

  2. Thanks El!

    @ Neli – Give it a try! Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer to go out with friends…but if I don’t have that option, going to a bar alone ain’t that bad. Even if you’re too shy to talk to anyone (or simply don’t feel like it), bars are great for people watching.

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