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I adopted a dog! Are my expat days officially over?

Introducing...Frankie Von Hot Dog!

I adopted a dog! His name is Frankfurter von Hot Dog (Frankie for short) and he’s a Dachshund. I got him at the animal shelter and so far he’s been one anxious little terror. In the five days since I bought him, he’s pooped on the floor five times, escaped from his kennel twice, scratched the door, scratched my car and tore up the carpet.


He’s one sweet lovable dog. I love him already.

Before I adopted him, I was told something along the lines of : “Adopt a dog and you’ll never live abroad again”.  Or at least not for a good long while.  Because as people were quick to point out, with the possible exception of adopting a baby, there’s no quicker way to  ensure you’ll be location-dependent than buying a pet with a 10-year shelf-life.

But then I read this article on Matador, 7 Tips for Moving Overseas with a Pet.

According to the article, my friends were wrong. Although it’s difficult to move abroad with a pet and it involves a six-month process of paperwork and medical exams, it is possible. And so long as I plan in advance, I can even avoid having to quarantine Frankie beforehand.

This made me feel a million times better about my decision.  Because although I was definitely ready to adopt a dog (I love dogs!) I didn’t know whether or not I was ready to put my life as a sereal expat on hold in order to do so.  And while I have no immediate plans to live abroad again, at least I now know that I have the option.

Ain't he cute?

Plus, he weighs just 14 pounds, which is under the 20 pound weight limit most airlines require for carrying a pet in the cabin. This means that so long as I’m traveling in the States, I can take him with me.

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