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Buy my travel gear and I’ll love you forever…

So. I opened my own store. Well, sorta. Okay, not really. What I DID do, however, was set up a virtual store on, design a handful of travel-themed art, t-shirts and luggage tags and then make them available for purchase.

I know, I KNOW…I’m probably not going to make any money doing this, especially being that I only make 10 percent off every product sold (that roughly averages out to about a dollar a sale). I’d have to sell a few a dozen luggage tags just to make up for the time I spent just figuring out how to center align an image.

But…I had fun. And who knows? Maybe one of you fantabulous readers will take pity on me and buy something?

All of the luggage tags are customizable. You can have your name and address printed on the back.
They cost just $8.95!
This poster is “20 x 16” and costs $12.75. You can also purchase it framed.
Okay, so at $59.95 this throw pillow is a little expensive…but keep in mind that only six of those dollars are going to me…
Now that I know what I’m doing, I’ll probably try to tackle some designs that are a little more intricate. Stay tuned, people! ūüôā
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