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My Travel Super Powers (Or Why I Should Have Been Born a Pirate)

pirate ship art

Sometimes I feel as though I was born in the wrong century.

I’m really good at adapting to new environments and learning foreign languages which are two skills that would have been far more desirable and useful were I:

1. A conquistador

2. A pirate

3. A spy

Although I suppose I could try to become a spy, with the age of exploration long over,  there’s not much of a demand for conquistadors, colonists or pirates in today’s job market. Which is a damn shame really. Because don’t ya think I’d make a pretty kick-ass pirate? I’ve got the whole living on a ship thing down pat (I worked on a cruise ship for two years) and I love the Caribbean, Jonny Depp, rum and sleeping in a hammock.  I took sailing lessons throughout middle school and high school too, and though I spent a lot of that time capsized on a reef or being hit in the head by a swinging boom, I learned a thing or two about wind direction and knot-tying.

But alas, with no unknown frontiers or uncharted waters left to be discovered, there’s little use for my travel super powers in the 21st century. While being a multi-lingual serial expat may look good on a resume, I’ll likely never get asked in a job interview about my map-reading skills or how how well I can communicate using hand gestures and a foreign language pocket dictionary. Which is also a shame, because I’m pretty good at both.

So, until the apocalypse happens or Dr. Who shows up to whisk me away in his time-traveling police box, I guess I’ll have to live with the fact that my super powers are, in this century anyway, pretty worthless.

me and friends in the crew bar on a cruise ship
Here’s me and a few co-workers in the officer’s bar (the crew bar) on one of the cruise ships I used to work on. I’m dressed like a pirate!
in costume on a cruise ship
Pirate ship art print available for sale on Etsy.com
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