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Today I Give Thanks to Japan…

My dear Japan,

You are one Hell of a crazy country…and I love you for it. You provide a never-ending supply of funny photo opportunities and for that alone, I’m eternally grateful.

I hope that you continue to rock your unselfconsciously tacky, cheeseball style, because it’s inspiring. Really.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love from your biggest fan,


What is this forgotten and forlorn-looking Hello Kitty doing decorating a random telephone pole? Is that anyway to treat the Tourism Ambassador of Japan?

You gotta love the geniuses who work at KFC. A Colonel Sanders Santa. I don’t know about you…but when I think about Christmas, I definitely think greasy, imitation fried chicken.

This tree, (if there is, in fact, a tree hiding somewhere in that mess…) stands in all of it’s tinsel tacky glory, in front of the Nishi Funabashi station in Chiba.

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately…it’s so nice to get out of the concrete jungle, and realize that there is a whole other side of Japan that doesn’t involve crowds and lines and vending machines.

This photo was taken at the foot of Mt. Takao. Note how the famed Yamabushi Tengu statue is beautifully displayed between two vending machines. Further note that there was a line to take a picture in front of it.

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2 thoughts on “Today I Give Thanks to Japan…

  1. Do you know what’s weird about the KFC Clause thing? My friend told me that it’s actually a tradition in Tokyo (for the over thirty crowd) to do a full-blown KFC Christmas. I didn’t believe him when he told me but there were two other people there backing him up.

  2. Ewww that’s so gross! I totally believe that though. I don’t understand how KFC survives here…I never see anyone eating in there! And I ate there the other day, just to see what the big deal was…and it was really overpriced. Way more than McDonalds and small portions. And the french fries were really stale!

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