Update on My Life…

I’m staying in Japan. For now.

I’m getting kicked out of my current apartment.

But I’m moving into a new (and bigger and better!) one next week.

I started a new job. I’m teaching ESL…to children.

One of my new students gave me their cold.

I now have a fever.

Unfortunately, these are all the details you’ll be getting out of me until this cough medicine kicks in.

Thanks for the encouraging emails and support, everybody! More later, I promise. ; )

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Whisky

    that's cool. I'm happy to hear that everything worked out for you.


  2. Reannon

    Thanks! Not sure though how much things have 'worked out'. Too early to say...but it's def an improvement from my jobless/homeless situation. Nice to have a plan, even if it ends up changing!