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Reannon’s Required Reading List

I read a lot, (a consequence of having only 12 channels on my TV, all of which feature round-the-clock cooking shows) and so I thought I’d share some of the best travel or Japan-related articles I’ve come across this past week.

All of them are awesome. All of them I didn’t write (although wish I had). Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section. I’m always looking for reading recommendations. : )

No Sex Please – We’re Japanese According to a survey by Durex condoms, people in Japan have less sex than people in any of the other 28 countries polled. But guess which country came in first place? The US! Shocked? I was. The article also talks about ‘parasite singles’ and the declining birth rate. An interesting read for all you single ladies out there.

My So-Called Poverty: Or Why Living Without a Bath is Good for My Art This is article published in 2007 in Metropolis Magazine by a comedian who writes about the ‘artistic street cred’ of living a life of poverty in Tokyo. Funny!

This blog! It’s called the North Hollywood Report and it’s my new favorite Japan blog. She’s a Canadian journalist who’s currently studying in Kyoto. She’s an amazing writer! And funny too.

Taking a Year off! (from the blog Stuff White People Like). I’m embarrassed to admit how much I could identify with this! How many more of you can relate? What does it mean if you’ve taken not just a year off, but five?

Promising to Learn a New Language (also from Stuff White People Like) is also hilarious and spot-on. Although, the term “white people” is sort of misleading…I’d say that the article is more accurately targeted towards North Americans, or specifically Americans.

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