Spanish Schools in Guatemala

I’ve been studying Spanish in Guatemala for the last few weeks now and in the process I’ve come up with a few observations that might benefit anyone interested in coming here to study:

1.  Spanish lessons cost anywhere between US two and six dollars per hour for one-on-one private tutoring

2.  It’s impossible to find a school that offers group lessons

3.  When you decide to be cheap and only pay two dollars an hour for Spanish lessons, you’ll wind up with a still-drunk-from-the-night-before Spanish teacher whose spelling you have to correct and whom asks you out three quarters of the way through your first lesson.

No.  Joke.

So if you’ve found this blog through a Google-search of “Spanish schools in Guatemala”, know this:  Not all Spanish teachers are created equal.  And there are many who are not only inexperienced but uneducated, as well.  Make sure to inquire about your teacher’s degree or credentials before you sign-up for a week’s worth of lessons.  And sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little extra to ensure that you won’t have to make a mad-dash for the door the second your crazed, drunk teacher disappears to the bathroom to puke.

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