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Yet Another Surprise Visitor

I’ve moved apartments and relocated to a new city, but that hasn’t stopped the bugs from tracking me down.  Somehow they’ve all gotten wind of my change of address and have been showing up in droves in the last few days.

You may remember the last surprise visitor that crawled into bed with me.  Well, yesterday I awoke to find a caterpillar inches from head and then this morning this guy showed up:

That blurry photo is an image of a very furry black spider.

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5 thoughts on “Yet Another Surprise Visitor

  1. Burn your bed immediately! What did you do with the spider? I heard the smaller they are the more poisonous but that thing looks like it to give a world of hurt too. If I were you I’d rather sleep in a car than in that bed again.

  2. Ha…the spider ran off under my blankets second after I took that photo. I have no idea where he went…I’m trying not to think about it too much.

  3. just thought I’d comment on this spider issue one more time. I just saw this huge spider right above my was like a reddish-orange color and freaked me out. 2nd spider that I’ve seen that looks like that in the last two days…I don’t think I’ll go to sleep easily tonight.

  4. Aw, yeah…Spiders suck. Where do you live that you keep seeing them? Me, I’m okay with spiders (because we had a lot of them where I grew up in Hawaii) but the creepy crawlies that freak me out most are scorpians!

    I’ve lucked out that I haven’t see one here yet. YET being the key word here. : )

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