A Surprise Visitor

Yesterday I was taking a nap when I heard a noise and then felt something fall on my forehead.  Thinking that we were having an earthquake and that part of the ceiling was crumbling on top of me, I sat up and swatted at my forehead.

And when I turned around, this ‘little’ guy was on my pillow.

La Cucaracha
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6 thoughts on “A Surprise Visitor

  1. Ew! That is actually only about half the size of the roaches we have in New Orleans, unless yours looks smaller in the picture somehow. We have the little, normal ones here but then we also have the ridiculously overgrown, nasty flying-monster kind as well. I had no idea they could be so large until I came here. I started hyperventilating the first time I saw one in my apartment!
    ( I introduced myself in my last comment, in case you haven’t seen it yet : )

  2. You must have come to peace with insects with all the traveling you do; especially when you were in Japan (I hear some of the insects there are just ridiculously huge). I hate them, never touched one in my life. The only one I’ve come close to touching was a caterpillar I smushed when I was 9, and I had to use a paper towel to do that!

    My adivse: Get a canopy for your bed.

  3. Funny you should you say that, because I had a horribly time falling asleep that night. I kept imagining all of the bugs / rats / snakes that could fall on me while I slept. It also didn’t help that my housemate told me that she’s been stung SEVEN TIMES by scorpians. Cockaroaches don’t scare me but scorpians definitely do!

    Luckily though, the only creepy crawlers I’ve found in my room since then were termites and ants, which aren’t so bad.

    PS I wish I could have a canopy! I haven’t seen them being sold anywhere though…I don’t know if they have them here.

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