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If I Don’t Find a Job in Hawaii…

Metal Detector on Waikiki Beach

I guess I could always try to make a living as a treasure hunter…

I’ve been in Hawaii for six days now and haven’t found a job yet.  There aren’t very many  available and the ones that are, I’m either unqualified for (Korean egg donor) or I’m not yet desperate enough to apply for (golf caddie).

On the upside, at least I get to wake up to THIS every morning:

Waikiki Beach at Sunrise

I’m staying at my parents’ condo in Waikiki.  I figure that if I have to be unemployed and stuck at home spending hours on the Internet filling out job applications, I might as well do it from the comfort of a pool deck chair.

While this little job-hunt in Hawaii will probably end up like last year’s failed attempt to move to Las Vegas, at least I’ll get a good tan out of the experience, right?

I’m trying to stay positive.

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6 thoughts on “If I Don’t Find a Job in Hawaii…

  1. You’re insanely lucky. I love Hawaii more than anywhere I’ve ever been. I’m currently stuck in Iowa (yeah, my day job won’t pay me to go to Hawaii for some reason) where it’s starting to get cold. Jeans and a jacket weather today. I’m quite jealous of your sunny Pacific paradise 😉

  2. Yeah…I love the weather here. I’ll try to keep your situation in cold Iowa in mind next time I start feeling sorry for myself for not having a job.

    Job-hunting sucks. ; (

  3. Hey. Well done. You made me so jealous but I always like to find out what’s goin’ on with you, I like reading your blog. I am here in Dublin, 4 weeks left before go home, its being 3 years and I think my family won´t recognize me:)

  4. It’s difficult moving to a place that is fueled by tourism to such a large degree because the service industry (and jobs related to it) make up such a large percentage of the job market. Luckily I moved to New Orleans when I was young and easygoing enough to take a bar job and be happy with it. The thing is, now I’m starting to feel like I want more and even if I go back to school my options are going to be limited here. My fiance has had similar problems. He could find curatorial work in a museum in another city but here he’s stuck working in the theatre of a casino! The good thing is that Hawaii isn’t New Orleans and even being such a destination hopefully there are more options. One week isn’t that long. Just keep at it.

  5. @LorraineER – Well at least you and your fiance have jobs…and working in a bar isn’t so bad, right? The money’s pretty good, I’d imagine…

    I didn’t find a job in Hawaii…but I guess that’s not really that much of a surprise. It’s the slow season right now and no one is hiring!

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