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Imagine if You Could Start Your Own Country…What Would You Do?

Introducing Molossia: A “Country” Located Inside Nevada

Entering Molossia by Ryan Jerz

Of the items not allowed into the Republic of Molossia (a mirco-nation in Nevada), for instance, are incandescent light bulbs, walruses and anything from Texas. Passports are required upon entry into Molossia and all visits must be pre-approved by the president, Keven Baugh. The country has a constitution, a national flag and even a national anthem.

My friend and I are planning a trip to there sometime in the next few weeks. It’s about a seven-hour drive from where I live in Las Vegas and being that the country has no hotels, we’ll probably stay in Reno (the closest major city). I have to write their government and request permission for a three-hour visa first though.

Although it may seem unbelievable, judging from the videos made by former visitors and the country’s official website, the president of Molossia as well as the country’s two other citizens (one of which is the First Lady) seem to take their ‘smallest republic in the world’ status seriously. You can watch a promotional video for the country as well as a clip of a tour that was filmed by The Chicago Tribune.

I love this idea. I think that if I were to own my country, I’d want it to be on a tropical island. Meditation classes would be required in all of the schools, as would petting zoos and animal therapy sessions. There’d be a free, volunteer-run massage booth on every corner and community gardens in every neighborhood.  Every weekend would be a three-day-weekend, the first Monday of every month would be declared “National Bring a Dessert to Work” Day and every house would come with a built-in hot tub. Coffee would always be free.

Dicky Days by Samuel Sharpe

What would your country be like?  Would you ever seriously consider creating one?

Here’s the trailer for a documentary entitled “How to Start Your Own Country”. The film (which I have yet to see) features a number of micro-nations and explains how and why they were created. Pretty fascinating stuff, no?

Republic of Molossia



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3 thoughts on “Imagine if You Could Start Your Own Country…What Would You Do?

  1. Fasicnating! They seriously don’s allow walruses? haha 🙂
    I actually have to write and essay on this exact topic 🙂

  2. If I had my own country, it would be a requirement that there always be extra french fries at the bottom of fast food bags. It is sooo disappointing when I go looking for that extra fry in the bottom of the bag after I get through the fry container only to find there are no more. So sad. But I wonder… Would the requiring of it make it not as joyful when there are extra fries?

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