Travelloged: This Week’s Top Pics and Posts for Travel Addicts

  • The Real Buddha Bar, Tended by Tokyo Monks – Holy cow, this was fascinating.  The one question I had though was this:  Um, aren’t Buddhist monks supposed to condemn alcohol?  Isn’t serving patrons sake shots a little hypocritical?
  • I’ve always wanted a VW van but have never had the money.  One of these days, when I’ve gotten around to paying off all my bills and have some money again, I’m totally buying this:
VW Camper Van Tent. It sleeps four and is modeled after the 1965 Volkeswagon Van.


  • I’ve looked all over Google and have yet to find where this is sold (which leads me to believe it’s either not real or not on the market anymore) but I think it’s ingenious.  Supposedly it was made in Japan.
Baby Mop!
  • Overnighting in this treehouse at the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa has just been added to my travel bucketlist.
Tree House "Hotel" at Lion Sands Tree Reserve

The ‘ice hotel’ in Quebec, Canada looks like super cool place to chill-out!  Ha, ha.


I found this clip from the film “Paris, Je T’aime” captured well the mixture of loneliness and elation felt while traveling alone.  In an interview with NPR, the director, Alexander Payne (who also wrote and directed Election and The Descendants) said that he intentionally chose an actress with zero knowledge of French, so that her French accent would sound as garbled as possible.


I played this video for my adult ESL students and was worried that they wouldn’t understand the joke or worse, that some of my Latin American students would find it offensive, but they all laughed and found the award-winning short film to be really clever.  For any ESL teachers out there (or anyone who teaches a current events class) this site provides a well-written lesson plan to go along with the film.

Also, if you’re an ESL teacher and you want to know how to make grammar more interesting, you really ought to check out this dude’s blog.  I’m obsessed.  He has hundreds of lesson plans (which you can copy or paste from the site or download).  Seriously, it’s the best.


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