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Weirded Out in Santa Cruz

Hats and Moustaches

I’m visiting my brother in Santa Cruz, California for the weekend and was reminded today about just how insane this town is.  In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen:

  • A dude walking a leashed cat
  • A middle-aged man in a black top hat seated on the sidewalk with a sign that read “Storyteller:  Chose your theme”.  From the nearly empty ‘donation’ cup on the ground next to him, I’m guessing he hadn’t had much luck finding people willing to pay to hear him make up a story.  But kudos for being unique.

And finally…

  • A homeless poet wearing a live bunny rabbit on his head.  I kid you not.  We spotted him as we were exiting a bar.  He was half-rapping / half-singing some nonsensical poem about a sail boat as these two drunk college-aged girls in mini-skirts looked on. My brother’s girlfriend exclaimed “Oh, look!  Bunny Rabbit Guy is back!” and as I slowed to get a closer look, Bunny Rabbit Guy pried the rabbit off his head and tried to hand it to me.

“Um.  No, that’s okay…”  I said, backing away fast.  He looked insane or on drugs or both.

“Reannon!” My brother exclaimed in mock frustration as we walked away.  “Never talk to the locals!”

Apparently that’s somewhat of a Santa Cruz motto.

Photo by Niall Kennedy
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