Future Travel Plans: Camping in Death Valley and Five Days in Beijing

Sliding Rocks at Death Valley Racetrack Playa by Sandy Redding

Yikes.  So I’ve barely had a chance to update you on my trip to Jamaica or California and haven’t even mentioned my last great desert adventure (to a ghost town where I went on a wild donkey expedition) and now I’m leaving again for another weekend away (bad travel blogger, bad!).

If you don’t hear an update from me in the next week or so, you have my permission to nag me on Twitter or Facebook.  In fact, please do.

Anyway, this afternoon I’m going camping in Death Valley, where I’ll see some mysterious sliding rocks, visit a ghost town and a castle (I know…a castle in the middle of the Nevada desert?  Who knew?).  It’s spring time in the desert, so I’m hoping I’ll get to see some wild flowers (Okay, so maybe you’re thinking ‘Um, flowers, Reannon?  Really?’  But when you live in the desert, you really miss things like grass and humidity and on the rare chance that you get see a flower growing in something other than the garden at the Bellagio, you get really excited).

Photo by Chuck Abbe
Photo by 'In Awe of God's Creation'

We’re also going to go hiking in a canyon and along a salt river and boardwalk (the salt river supposedly has something called a pupfish, which I imagine will look like a cross between a chihuahua puppy and Flounder from The Little Mermaid).

Photo by John Bruckman

And then in April, I’ll be going to Beijing (with my cousins and mom).  This should be an interesting experience, mostly because my cousins and my mom have very different travel styles (but I’ll save that for another post).

Photo by Frank Muller

 What about you, fellow travel addicts?  What awesome trips do you have planned?

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2 thoughts on “Future Travel Plans: Camping in Death Valley and Five Days in Beijing

  1. I’m planning for a cross country trip in December.

    From New Hampshire – New York – D.C. – Virginia – Montana – Colorado – Arizona – California – Alaska

    Sounds crazy… but I think probably I’ll just end up going Alaska only…..haha

  2. @ Amorydouglass – I’m jealous! What kind of car will you be taking on your trip? I’ve been to Alaska…it’s worth the trip. How long are you planning on being gone?

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