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When was your ‘First Time’?

Photo by Sean Drellinger

Ha.  Gotch ya with that title, didn’t I?  No, I’m not talking about THAT first time, I’m talking about the first time you traveled abroad!

What was it like?  Where’d you go?   How long was the trip?  How old were you?

I recently got asked by the folks at Divine Caroline to write a weekly series about solo travel.  Though most of the pieces will be of the advice and ‘how to’ persuasion (next week’s post, for example, is “Seven Travel Gadgets to Pack for a Solo Trip Abroad”), I decided to make the first in the series a little more personal and write about my first time traveling by myself in Japan.  Here’s the link:

“Like a Virgin:  What I Learned from My First Time Traveling Solo”

Me and my friends from high school in Japan

I once swore I’d never show this picture to anyone and now I’m posting it on the Internet.  But I figured that after writing about peeing in public and skinny dipping, a photo of me with no makeup and frizzy hair ain’t so bad (school rules dictated that we weren’t allowed to wear makeup and they MADE me put my hair in pigtails, alright?).

Posing as a sumo wrestler in Chiba Japan
Me and my host brothers and sisters

Well?  Whatch ya think?


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