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Decorating Ideas for Travel Addicts: Paper Plane Art

Photo by Emma Dajska

I’ve always been a fan of airplanes (hence my stint working for an airline and my obsession with airplane boneyards).

Thus, for those that know me, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been trying to come up with a creative way to decorate my bedroom using  airplanes I made out of origami (yep, ORIGAMI).   Before you go thinking that that sounds tacky, I know.  I KNOW.

But it’s been tough coming up with a plan of action that incorporates my love of  planes but that doesn’t:

A.  Make my bedroom look like a 5-year-old boy lives in it


B.  Make my bedroom look like a 5-year-old boy lives in it

Photo by Andy Reeve

 I’d love to be able to take my origami planes and do something like this:

Photo by Melina Hermsen

The butterfly decorations on the wall in the picture above were made using origami.

And it’d be super cool if I could learn how to cross-stitch and make some of these:

Photo by Spectacles

Or what about paper plane paintings?

Photo by Aaron Knox

‘Course, I’ll probably end up scrapping the whole DIY idea and wind up buying something like this:

Paper Plane Pillows from Diffraction Fiber's Etsy Store

More Ideas:

A paper plane mobile made out of origami planes and a bicycle wheel – From Apartment Therapy.  Clever.

Etsy has some pretty paper plane paintings, drawing and collages for sale.

I like these transportation-themed decals (though they might be too childish) and I think this paper plane decal could be cute with the right wall color.

Well?  What do you think I should do?  Got any bright ideas?

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