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36 Hours in Death Valley: A Photologue

A couple of weekends ago, I went camping in Death Valley. While there, I roasted hot dogs and made s’mores over a camp fire, visited a castle, walked along a desert river and saw the famous “pup fish” (which were pretty underwhelming, by the way), made snow angels in a field of salt, climbed on purple, blue and green rocks and threw popcorn at some kangaroo rats.

Me, looking like a hardcore outdoorswomen
We spent a lot of time driving around…I got bored!
Scotty’s Castle (There’s a castle in the middle of Death Valley…Creepy!)

Castle in Death Valley


There’s a river in the desert…with real fish in it!
Boardwalk in the desert
Closeup of a Desert Plant
Aren’t those rocks pretty?
Sliding down the Hill on my butt
Making Snow-Angels in the Salt Field
The requisite jumping shot
cartwheeling on the desert salt flats in Death valley
My Gymnast Shot
Playing Around on a Train
Laying in the middle of the road


Death Valley at sunset
Making Shadows
My Friend decided it’d be funny to give the finger to the sea
Mountains at Sunset.
View of the Mountains as we leave the park
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