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Opening Up a Can of Worms: Photos of the World’s Weirdest Canned Goods

While searching for a photo of a sea cucumber on Flickr (Yep, welcome to how Reannon spends her afternoons), I came upon an interesting photostream of bizarre canned goods. I have no idea where these come from and can’t vouch for their authenticity, but holy canned cow, those are some pretty interesting dinner choices! I can only imagine the conversations going on in the parts of the world where this stuff is consumed. It’s like, “Honey, did you remember to pick up a couple of cans of roasted scorpions? I need something to season the silk worm larvae with…” or “Aw, Mom! Not rattlesnake casserole again! We had that last week!”

Speaking of bizarre foods, my latest piece about solo travel was published on Divine Caroline today. It’s about the time I ate a sea cucumber and what I gained from the experience (a lot more than you’d expect, actually!).

Anyway, let’s play a game of “Would you rather…?” Would you rather eat the can of scorpions or the can of pig brains?

Roasted Scorpian

Photo by Dax MaireadPhoto by Dax Mairead


Silk Worms

Photo by Dax Mainard


Sheep Tongues

Photo by Dex Mairead

Canned Whole Chicken

Photo by Dex Mairead


Photo by Dex Mairead
Photo by Dex Mairead

Pork Brains

Photo by Dex Mairead
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