Announcement! Taken by the Wind…wait for it…is now finally…wait for it…ON FACEBOOK!


Yep! Taken by the Wind now has a Facebook page!


I know…took her long enough, right? Facebook’s existed for nearly a decade and this blog waited until NOW to sign herself up?

Please be nice to her. Taken by the Wind is modest and felt that creating a “Fan page” for a severely undernourished blog seemed slightly arrogant and extremely delusional.


After a number of “heydoyouhaveafanpage?” emails she received over the last few months as well as a sudden surge in readership (Hi new readers! Welcome!) she finally gave in.

Please “like” Taken by the Wind on Facebook (and I mean that both figuratively and literally) because then you’ll get updates from this blog as well as a daily dose of travel photos, posts and random tidbits from Reannon’s fabulous incredible mildly-entertaining life in Las Vegas. Best of all though, you’ll be getting heaps of good karma for helping out a struggling writer / wanna-be novelist.

Thanks guys.

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