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Unique Wedding Locations

unique wedding photo
Photo by Kelly Niemann
Photo by Kelly Niemann

 Flipkey published another one of my articles, Wacky Weddings: 9 Unusual Places to Tie the Knot. What they didn’t publish, however, were the photos I’d sent, so lucky you! I’ve included them in this post.

Which one is your favorite?


Wedding in a Zoo

zoo wedding
Wedding at a Zoo
Photo by Cariberry.

Wedding in an Ice Hotel

ice wedding
Wedding at the Ice Hotel
Photo by SJ Pinkney.

Wedding in an Aquarium

unusual weddings
Aquarium Wedding
Photo by Laura Beth McConahie.

Wedding in the Sky

unique weddings
Wedding in the Sky
Photo by Rune Mariboe.

Wedding in an Airport

airplane wedding
Wedding in an Airport
Photo by Sarah Banana.

Wedding in a Train

unique weddings
Train wedding
Photo by Simon Pielow.

Wedding in a Treehouse

unique weddings
Treehouse Hotel
 Photo by Cathy.

Wedding in a Nudist Colony

nudist colony wedding
Wedding at a Nudist Colony
Photo by Joseph Duty.

 Wedding in a Museum

wedding in a museum
Wedding at a Museum
Photo by Allegro Photography.

 I love the idea of a zoo wedding. The photo with the giraffe was taken at a wedding at the Santa Barbara zoo. You can find the rest of the zoo wedding photos on Flickr.

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