Porthole in One:10 Fun Photos of Cruise Ships

I haven’t talked much on this blog about my experience working on a cruise ship, but I worked on one (or several, really) for a two year stretch after college.

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a piece for the Top Cruise Ships Deals blog, 4 Lessons I Learned While I worked on a Cruise Ship and though I would have happily added 10 or even 20 things I  learned, I was limited to a 900 word count. Thus, unfortunately (fortunately?) I whittled the list down to just four.

And yes, this entire post and all of the pretty boat pictures below are just a ruse to get you to read my latest article. I’d bribe you, but I’m sadly still broke (saving for a trip to Mexico in October!), so these photos I borrowed from the photogs at Flickr are the best I can do.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading. Seriously. Thank you. : )

cruise ship

Photo by Eric Fourine

Photo by Eric Fourine.
cruise ship

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Photo by Jeremy Brooks.

boat alaska

Photo by Peter Lee

Photo by Peter Lee.
holland america cruise line

Photo by underactive

Photo by Underactive.
boat san francisco

Photo by Romy Schneider

Photo by Romy Schneider.
disney cruies

Photo by Scott Ableman

Photo by Scott Ableman.
cruise line

Photo by Peter Lee

Photo by Peter Lee.
cruise line

Photo by James Vaughan

Photo by James Vaughan. Photo taken in 1910.
cruise line

Photo by StevieP187


cruise line

Photo by Eric Constanineau

Photo by Eric Constanineau.
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