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Road Trip to Reno

Last weekend my mom and I drove from San Francisco to Reno, Nevada (about a 4 hour trip).

Parts of Reno were really pretty; like this river, for example.

Reno riverwalk in Nevada

Or these mountains:

Mountain view in Reno

Parts of Reno were uniquely Nevada (like the neon signs, the casinos, the pawn shops and the brothel billboards).

Sands casino neon sign

And then parts of Reno were just strange, like the sculptures outside the Reno bus station.

Reno bus station art

Reno sign

On Saturday, we drove into the mountains to Virginia City, an old mining town. This “city” (less than 1,000 people live there) was where Mark Twain landed his first writing gig (writing for the local newspaper).

Virginia City scene

Old West Mining Town near Reno Nevada

Virginia City jail

Have you ever been to Reno? What did you think?

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