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Winter Camping in the Snow: A Photo Recap of My Night on Mt Charleston

A couple of weekends back, I went camping on a mountain…in Winter…in the snow…6,000 feet above sea level. I also slept in my car, with only two sleeping bags, three blankets and a wiener dog to keep me warm.

Though it was 13 degrees outside when I went to sleep, I wasn’t actually as cold as I’d thought I’d be. I think that even though I didn’t have a heater or winter sleeping bag, I’d dressed in enough layers that it made up for it (I was wearing two pairs of socks, two pairs of sweat pants, a pair of ski pants, boots, four shirts, one sweater, a ski jacket, gloves and a scarf).


Frankie was dressed for the weather too. He wore a snow jacket and waterproof booties!



These were the tents that two of my friends slept in. I was not that brave.


Some of us grilled, I cooked hot dogs over the fire and Frankie ran around stealing food off people’s plates when they weren’t looking.



When I woke up in the morning, this is what my windshield looked like.


I found these liquor bottles by the fire the next morning. I guess that sort of explains how everyone survived the night, huh? Ha ha.

Have you ever camped out in the snow? What was it like?

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